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Welcome to YB World Taekwondo Academy

We are a traditional martial arts school for 25 years in Stamford teaching students World Taekwondo Federation certified Taekwondo with a focus on education and character building.

Our members receive traditional Taekwondo instruction as well as building concentration, self-confidence and self-discipline.

Check out our video from It’s Relevant News

This video features interviews with Grandmaster Kim and his son Abraham Kim regarding the importance of self confidence and discipline to prevent bullying in schools.  The students in this video are all black belts and attend middle school and high school.

YB World Taekwondo Academy-High Ridge

Our High Ridge location is conveniently located in the center of Stamford. You can find it at 81 High Ridge Road, in the Bull's Head Shopping Center.
YB World Taekwondo Academy-High Ridge
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We’d like to congratulate Master Seo of South River Martial Arts in Maryland for a very successful Black Belt Exam!

A very accomplished honors graduate and former student president, Master Seo is an energetic and passionate disciple of Dr. Kim and one of the many success stories to emerge from his Martial Arts Studies Major program at the University of Bridgeport.

Dr. Kim was honored to be a guest speaker at this event and gave a great lecture on martial arts theory to the students of South River Martial Arts.

YB World Taekwondo Academy-Hope Street

Our newest location on Hope Street has been teaching students for over 3 years. The location is perfect for students living in Sprindale, Glenbrook or even Darien and New Canaan.
YB World Taekwondo Academy-Hope Street
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Check out our video for our campaign to end bullying in schools.

We believe students of all ages can put an end to bullying by building their own self – confidence as well as setting a good example for others.  As you watch the video, you can see how our instructors conduct class for young children as well as teenagers.


81 High Ridge Road

1074 Hope Street


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