Grandmaster Yeong B Kim, Ph. D

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"In my experience of practicing Taekwondo, I discovered that the true purpose of martial arts is to cultivate yourself. When you are wearing the martial arts uniform, we are all equal…we must all understand and respect each other to reach self-perfection."

Welcome to YB World Taekwondo Academy

We are a traditional martial arts school for 27 years in Stamford teaching students World Taekwondo Federation certified Taekwondo with a focus on education and character building.

Our members receive traditional Taekwondo instruction as well as building concentration, self-confidence and self-discipline.


Events & Updates

We are opened and on regular schedule!

Belt Promotion Test

Buddy Week

May Black Belt Test

If your student has the required 4 silver tips on their belts, then they are ready to test for the next belt!

High Ridge students will be testing on April 19th & 20th. The times are still pending. 

Hope Street students will be testing April 26th & 27th. The times are still pending.

Its Buddy Week Again! Feel free to bring a friend to join in with your class!

High Ridge students buddy week will begin on April 23rd & conclude on the 28th.  

Hope Street students buddy week will begin on April 30th & conclude on the 5th of May.

On May 5th, our candidates will be testing in Stamford JCC. The time of the testing will be from 10:30 to 1:00 PM. 

Black Belt Testing Checklist.

  • Meditation 
  • Sparring Equipment
  • Eggs
  • Autobiography
  • Application
  • Red Uniform (top) + White Uniform (bottom)
  • Hand Wraps

Black Belt Ceremony

To the students who completed the Black Belt test successfully, you are required to attend the ceremony on May 12th. Due to the number of students, we will divide the ceremony into two times.

High Ridge candidates must come to our High Ridge school from 2:00 - 3:15 PM. 

Hope Street candidates must come to our High Ridge school from 3:30 - 4:45 PM. 

This ceremony is mandatory for the students.

Check out our video from It’s Relevant News

This video features interviews with Grandmaster Kim and his son Abraham Kim regarding the importance of self confidence and discipline to prevent bullying in schools.  The students in this video are all black belts and attend middle school and high school.

Check out our video for our campaign to end bullying in schools.

We believe students of all ages can put an end to bullying by building their own self – confidence as well as setting a good example for others.  As you watch the video, you can see how our instructors conduct class for young children as well as teenagers.




81 High Ridge Road

1074 Hope Street


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