YB World has been teaching students the art of Taekwondo for over 24 years; basing ourselves out of Stamford, CT. Our programs are specifically designed to improve the functions of the body and mind, as well as instill within our students the longstanding principles of Taekwondo: respect, compassion, self-discipline, and self-controlEverything that students learn inside our Dojang will have application outside of the studio.
Whether you are looking for an after school/work activity or Olympic Level Training, YB World can accommodate all of your needs. Our instructors have been personally trained by our founder, Grand Master Yong Beom Kim, Ph.D., Chairman of the Martial Arts Undergraduate Program at the University of Bridgeport & former Korean National Taekwondo Olympic Team Coach. Each teacher has over ten years of experience teaching Taekwondo and will provide a safe and encouraging environment to help you achieve your goals.
Even though we observe the ancient traditions of Taekwondo education, we offer an online curriculum where students can watch videos of our instructors performing the forms and techniques they learn in class. Whether you want to practice at home or just quickly review while on your phone or tablet, the online curriculum is a great resource that most other martial arts schools do not offer.
We encourage you to review our programs and schedule to find the one that works best for you and your family. Please send an inquiry through our website for a free trial class and get started today!

The YB Family

Jason Bin

-2nd Dan Black Belt


“Self-confidence is built with patience and time and affects academic and social development. My daughter, Allison, is comfortable undertaking challenging task and will readily assume a leadership role.”Candice Dziuba
“Our 12 year old son has trained with Grandmaster Kim for 6 years. His philosophy of fostering self-esteem and personal growth has complimented our efforts as parents. We have witnesses significant growth in self-discipline and excellent grades.”Michelle Truglia (Mother)
“I heard great things about YB and decided to have my granddaughter try it out. What is more important, she feels physically and emotionally stronger which has influenced every aspect of her life.”Sharon Bear
“Taekwondo has developed my focus and self-discipline by encouraging me to always give my best effort. I can achieve my goals, both in and out of the Do Jang.”Allison Dziuba, Age 15 2nd Degree Blackbelt