Thank you for visiting YB World Taekwondo Academy!

YB World has been teaching students the art of Taekwondo for 24 years in Stamford, CT. Our programs are specifically designed to improve the functions of the body and mind. Additionally, students follow the longstanding principles of Taekwondo which include compassion and respect. Everything that students learn in the classroom will have an application in their daily lives. It could be a self defense technique that may save a life in a dangerous situation or just an improved level of focus during school or business work.
Whether you are looking for an after school/work activity or Olympic level training, we can accommodate your needs. All of our instructors have been personally trained by our founder, Grand master Yong Beom Kim, Ph.D. Chairman of Martial Arts Major Program at the University of Bridgeport and former Korean National Taekwondo team coach. Each one of them have over ten years of experience teaching Taekwondo and will provide a safe and encouraging environment to achieve your goals.
Even though we observe the ancient traditions of Taekwondo education, we strive to be on the cutting edge of modern technology. We offer an online curriculum where students can watch videos of our instructors performing the forms and techniques they learn in class. If you want to practice at home, or just quickly review while on your phone or tablet, the online curriculum is a great resource that is not available at most other martial arts schools.
We encourage you to review our programs and schedule to find the one that works best for you and your family. Please send an inquiry through our website for a free trial class and get started today!


“Self-confidence is built with patience and time and affects academic and social development. My daughter, Allison, is comfortable undertaking challenging task and will readily assume a leadership role.”Candice Dziuba
“Our 12 year old son has trained with Grandmaster Kim for 6 years. His philosophy of fostering self-esteem and personal growth has complimented our efforts as parents. We have witnesses significant growth in self-discipline and excellent grades.”Michelle Truglia (Mother)
“I heard great things about YB and decided to have my granddaughter try it out. What is more important, she feels physically and emotionally stronger which has influenced every aspect of her life.”Sharon Bear
“Taekwondo has developed my focus and self-discipline by encouraging me to always give my best effort. I can achieve my goals, both in and out of the Do Jang.”Allison Dziuba, Age 15 2nd Degree Blackbelt

The YB Team

Professor Yongbeom Kim
Ph. D.

-8th Degree Grandmaster
-Ph.D in Physical Education at Kyung Hee University in Korea
– National Elementary Level Taekwondo Championship – Gold Medalist
-National President Cup Taekwondo Championship – Gold Medalist
– National Collegiate Taekwondo Championship – Gold Medalist
– Korean National Team and Kyung Hee University Team Coach
– 1995 Ukraine National Team Coach
– 2004 Collegiate Olympic Games/Universaide USA Team Coach
– 2004 Founder and program chair of the first and only Martial Arts Major program at an accredited university in the west (University of Bridgeport, CT)
– Founder of the first Taekwondo Academy in Stamford, CT
– YB World has graduated over 750 Black Belts since it’s founding in 1992
– Started Taekwondo at age 7

Teaching Philosophy: Martial arts is Grand Master Kim’s life. The promotion of Martial Arts in the modern culture to educate younger generations and help them grow to be successful members of society. To spread martial arts as a form of self cultivation – better person, better life, better health.

YB World is the Realization of Grandmaster Kim’s lifelong goal to help promote and advocate the benefits of the martial arts in the United States. Arriving from Korea in 1991 with $45 in his pocket, Grandmaster Kim founded YB World in Stamford, CT. With is school growing rapidly, Grandmaster then set out to create the first accredited martial arts college major in the United States. After many years, he eventually achieved his dream in 2004 by establishing the four year Martial Arts Studies undergraduate program at the University of Bridgeport. He serves as the program chair and Professor to this day.

Seung-Eui Kim

General Manager/Program Director

Physical Education, MA

Adjunct Professor of Korean Language
University of Bridgeport

Co-founder of YB World Taekwondo Academy, Mrs. Seung-eui Kim has been head office manager and program director of the school since 1992. Affectionately known as Mrs. Kim, she focuses on the education and wellness of our students “off the mat”.

Mrs. Kim is also an adjunct professor of Korean Language at the University of Bridgeport in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

Master Jeong H. Kim

Sa Bum Nim
-Headmaster Instructor
-Korean National Champion

– 7th Degree Kukkiwon Black Belt

– Korean Martial Arts National Team Demonstration Specialist

– 2000-2002 Ee Hwa Univeristy Taekwondo Team Coach

Master Kim started his Taekwondo training at the age of 9 and has dedicated his entire life to the practice and instruction of traditional Korean martial arts. He has been with YB World as the head master for 14 years and counting. Master Kim’s teaching style offers students a balance of fun, self-development, and education.

Carlos Gomez

Bu Kyo Sa Nim
-Associate Master
-25 years at YB World

CJ Yorfino

Bu Sa Bum Nim
-Assistant Master

– YB World member since 2000
– Kukkiwon 4th Degree Black Belt
– 2013 Kyung Hee University Korean Exchange Program
– Teaching at YB World since 2008

Master CJ Yorfino began his Taekwondo training at YB World with his father in 2000. After several years of participation in the Leadership program, Master Yorfino began as an assistant instruction in 2011. He started working as an official instructor in 2013 when YB World opened it’s second location. Master Yorfino’s great gift is his ability to foster great relationships with students of all ages. He is critical in the success of both our Little Dragons class (for 3 and 4 year olds) as well as our specialized Teens class.

Hyeonjong Ahn
University of Bridgeport

Bu Sa Bum Nim
-Assistant Master
-Korean National Champion

– 5th Degree Taekwondo Master
– National Championship Tournament experience
– One year of study in Korea as a Taekwondo Major
– 2014 Howon University Championship – Silver Medalist
– 2014 Kyung Min University Championship – Silver Medalist

Recognizing a passion and desire to make a lifetime commitment to martial arts early on in life, Master Ahn started to pave his road to becoming a Taekwondo Master at the age of 7. He has many years of experience and accomplishment in competition at the national level. Master Ahn is currently majoring in the Martial Arts Studies at the University of Bridgeport.

Abraham Kim

Management Director

– 3rd Dan Black Belt
– Western Connecticut State University

Andy Kim

– 4th Dan Black Belt