“Children are our future.  It is our responsibility to guide them so that they can achieve their goals.”

The Children’s class is focused on education and character development.  The traditional elements of Taekwondo create an environment for discipline and respect.  Self defense and board breaking skills develop self confidence and self respect.  Belt promotion exams encourage goal setting and achievement.  All of these aspects together encourage our children to keep healthy habits of the mind and body in the future.

Our instructors ensure that children are practicing martial arts in a safe and friendly environment.  Even though it sounds very structured and serious, the instructors make sure that every visit to YB  World is fun and exciting.


“Teens require structure and guidance so that they may become happy and healthy adults”

Growing up is a difficult process.  Today’s teens are often put in extremely stressful situations at school and at home.  The process of graduating high school and moving on to college can be overwhelming.  Aside from traditional instruction, YB World Teens classes focus on developing relationships with students and mentoring.  Students often stay after class to talk with the instructors and share feelings with them that they wouldn’t normally share with their parents or teachers.  

Students that qualify may be selected to participate in our Leadership Program.  This program is designed to transform students into assistant instructors.  The Leadership program can have a profound impact on a child’s behavoir in the future when interacting with groups at school and work.  It can show them how to rally their peers to be more effective and set an example of polite and respectful conduct.


“The body and mind are always yearning for new knowledge and challenges”

It’s never too late to start Taekwondo!  Whether you are a beginner or are looking to continue where you left off, YB World Taekwondo Academy’s Adults program is just what you’re looking for.  These classes offer the same great benefits as all of our other programs.  However, we have tailored them to fit with the needs and desires of modern adults.  With a focus on proper stretching, you can be assured that you are exersizing safely with little to no soreness the next day.  Potentially life saving self-defense techniques are emphasized.  Towards the end of the class, students participate in some conditioning activities designed to burn calories and build strong core muscles.

Practicing Taekwondo also provides significant benefits to brain function and mental effectiveness.  The calming nature of Taekwondo practice is a great way to relieve stress.  Memorizing and repeating the different forms and techniques can improve focus and concentration while at work.  The mental and physical benefits of Taekwondo are undeniable.  You can give it a try it today!


“Although Taekwondo is an individual sport, it can bring groups of people together in ways you could never imagine.”

Families are the backbone of YB World Taekwondo Academy.  Since we have been in Stamford since 1992, we often see multiple generations of families through their Taekwondo journey from beginners to Black Belts.  We love to show our appreciation for our loyal families with several events and parties throughout the year.  It is so rewarding for us to build a friendly community of parents and students.

But what happens when parents want to become students?  They are encouraged to join our wonderful family class!  This class offers fun and engaging activities for the whole family to enjoy.  Parents, grandparents, toddlers and friends are all invited.

The family class is especially beneficial to new students.  It is helpful for parents to actually participate in a class to experience the structure and the guidance of the instructors.  Children will be much more willing to practice with parents at home if they see that their parents are interested as well.