College Opportunities

YB World proudly supports our students in their college admissions process, and careers. From recommendation letters, resume opportunities,  and community service programs, our Academy will do its best to ensure the success of its students.

Grandmaster YB Kim PhD is also the Chairman of the Martial Arts Major Program  at the University of Bridgeport, the flagship university for future Martial Art instructors and masters with scholarship opportunities. Creating and spearheading the program for more than a decade, Dr. Kim has successfully represented the university in national and international competitions with world class student atheletes from the University of Bridgeport. More information about the program can be found here.

YB Alumni Members | Honor Society

Allison D. | Brown University
Ryan Barney | Cornell University
Cody DeFalco | Skidmore College
Tony T.
Will Abreu | New York University
Abraham Kim | Western Connecticut State
Samuel Kim | Ringling College
Max Grabar | University of Connecticut
Victor P. | Southern Connecticut University
Sebastian S. | University of Connecticut
Katie Spechieger
Adam Pucyln | Sacred Heart University
Emily Cessarni
Alecia DeVelchio
Austin Tao | University of Connecticut
Emily Tao | Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dustin Knopoff
Ryan Reed | Full Sail University
Cole Dorsey
Nicky Bellusci |University of Boulder
Nina Bellusci | Northeastern University
Jakub W. | University of Boulder
Kevin Stone | Harvard University
Grant Stone | Harvard University
Andrew P. Lim | Boston College