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Suspended Due to Covid-19

Have fun with the whole YB Family as we enjoy delicious Korean food and BBQ at Cove Beach. We have a great time playing a variety of games and competitions with students, families and friends. Everyone is Welcome!


It is a good opportunity to build up confidence through our official belt test to reach your milestone!


Halloween Party

Click now to see images from. Come back later this year to sign up for the 2020 Halloween Party.


Available on Saturdays from 2:00 pm-3:30 pm. Check out some past parties and contact us to schedule your party now!

The demonstration of martial arts is aimed at developing the creativity and artistry of Taekwondo techniques and promotes teamwork, challenge, self-discipline, respect, and courtesy through the training process.

A holiday party is an annual event held at the end of the year and is a special event where all students, parents, and staffs attend to wrap up the year and prepare for the new year with awards ceremonies, demonstrations, and prepare for the new year.

An event hosted with the participation and support of students and parents of YB in order to realize the mission of the YB Academy and create a better community.

It is a program to discover the experience of Olympic sports and the talents of students’ athletic ability. The training course for the experience of participating in the competition enhances confidence and endurance. It will be a process of understanding one’s inner self through competition and respect with others.


A program for students so that they can have a beneficial summer.
It is a summer program that consists of indoor and outdoor programs and field trips and combines education, sports, and recreation.

Events page Main Overnight

It will be an opportunity to make unforgettable memories with friends of YB school and a time to form friendships and companionship with friends.

Events Page International Program

Through programs formed through MOUs with overseas martial arts schools, Major Martial Arts University, and martial arts institutions, YB students will experience a new culture and education programs.