Children are the future and it is our responsibility to guide them so that they can achieve their goals.

The traditional elements of Taekwondo create an environment for your children that teach discipline and respect.

  • Self-defense and board-breaking skills develop self-confidence and self-respect.
  • Belt promotion exams encourage goal setting and achievement.
  • All of these aspects together encourage our children to keep healthy habits of the mind and body in the future.


The Children’s class is focused on education and character development. Each child is taught at an individual pace and is never pushed to “keep up”. This method of teaching allows children to develop to their greatest potential. Our instructors ensure that children are practicing martial arts in a safe and friendly environment. Even though it sounds very structured and serious, the instructors make sure that every visit to YB World is fun and exciting.

Teen (ages 13+)

Teens require structure and guidance so that they may become happy and healthy adults.

Growing up is a difficult process. Today’s teens have often put in extremely stressful situations at school and at home. The process of graduating high school and moving on to college can be overwhelming. Aside from traditional instruction, YB World Teens classes focus on developing relationships with students and mentoring. Students often stay after class to talk with the instructors and share feelings with them that they wouldn’t normally share with their parents or teachers.


Students that qualify may be selected to participate in our Leadership Program. This program is designed to transform students into assistant instructors. The Leadership program can have a profound impact on a child’s behavior in the future when interacting with groups at school and work. It can show them how to rally their peers to be more effective and set an example of polite and respectful conduct.


The body and mind are always yearning for new knowledge and challenges.

It’s never too late to start Taekwondo! Whether you are a beginner or are looking to continue where you left off, YB World Taekwondo Academy’s Adult program is just what you’re looking for. These classes offer the same great benefits as all of our other programs. However, we have tailored them to fit the needs and desires of modern adults. With a focus on proper stretching, you can be assured that you are exercising safely with little to no soreness the next day. Potentially life-saving self-defense techniques are emphasized. Towards the end of the class, students participate in some conditioning activities designed to burn calories and build strong core muscles.


Practicing Taekwondo also provides significant benefits to brain function and mental effectiveness. The calming nature of Taekwondo practice is a great way to relieve stress. Memorizing and repeating the different forms and techniques can improve focus and concentration while at work. The mental and physical benefits of Taekwondo are undeniable. You can give it a try today!


A Family that kicks together sticks together.

Families are the backbone of YB World Taekwondo Academy. Since we opened in 1992, we have seen multiple generations of families through their Taekwondo journey from Beginners to Black Belts. We love to show our appreciation for our loyal families with several events, parties, and specials throughout the year.


Building a strong community is what we strive for here at YB World, and we encourage all people, parents or students, to join our wonderful family classes! Today’s busy schedules make it difficult for families to spend enough quality time together. This class offers fun and engaging activities for the whole family to enjoy. The family class is especially beneficial to new students since children will be much more willing to practice with parents at home if they see that their parents are interested as well. It is also a helpful environment for parents to actually participate in a class and experience the structure and the guidance of the instructors.


Taekwondo takes people out of their comfort zone.

This program is designed for students who want to go beyond regular training. You will be tested in aspects of discipline, agility, and strength. The classes will be in rotation of: Sparring, Breaking, and Forms.

Sparring has its benefits:

  • Rhythm
  • Timing
  • Reaction
  • Focus
  • Conditioning
  • Stamina
  • Combat Simulation

Forms are beneficial in their own unique ways:

  • Technique Refinement
  • Memory
  • Balance & Coordination
  • Performing Under Pressure
  • Strength & Stamina
  • Beauty & Grace

Breaking is the technical translation of Taekwondo:

  • Meditation
  • Coordination
  • Confidence
  • Technically
  • Focus
  • Decrease Anxiety & Tension


Leadership is an important, learned skill about making an impact, influencing their peers, and inspiring the next generation.

The Leadership Course teaches its members the methods to develop in-class teaching skills to build up confidence, focus, and leadership. This program promotes group activities where students learn to work together as a team and focus on the continuation of building self-esteem in each member. Requirements to join as a Leadership Member must include a copy of the student’s school report card (or similar document), the parental/student agreement to commit to Saturday morning training, oath of Master and Instructors to train students to their highest goal to build their carrier to prepare the college admission.

College Career

YB World proudly supports our students in their college admissions process, and careers. From recommendation letters, resume opportunities, and community service programs, our Academy will do its best to ensure the success of its students. Grandmaster YB Kim Ph.D. is also the Chairman of the Martial Arts Major Program at the University of Bridgeport, the flagship university for future Martial Art instructors and masters with scholarship opportunities. Creating and spearheading the program for more than a decade, Dr. Kim has successfully represented the university in national and international competitions with world-class student-athletes from the University of Bridgeport.

YB World Alumni College Members

Harvard University
Kevin Stone
Grant Stone
Charamathi Badrinath
Anisha Laumas

Cornell University
Ryan Barney

Brown University
Allison D.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Emily Tao

New York University
Will Abreu

University of Connecticut
Max Grabar
Sebastian S.
Austin Tao

Southern Connecticut University
Victor P.

Boston College
Andrew P. Lim
Emily Cessarni
Alecia DeVelchio
Cole Dorsey
Dustin Knopoff
Katie Spechieger

Skidmore College
Cody DeFalco

Western Connecticut State
Abraham Kim

Ringling College
Samuel Kim

Sacred Heart University
Adam Pucyln

Full Sail University
Ryan Reed

Colorado School of Mines
Nicky Bellusci

Northeastern University
Nina Bellusci

University of Boulder
Jakub W.

Private Lesson

Private lessons are for students from all YB schools and are customized through master and 1:1 lessons.


Personal lessons take into account the specificity of the student, so training is conducted to suit the individual’s physical conditions. The advantages of students’ skills are further developed and the disadvantages are reinforced so that harmonious technology development can be achieved.

Online Classes

Combining modern technology and Taekwondo, we are dedicated to bringing the same level of engagement and instruction while practicing safe distancing. Our online classes will still focus on teaching students important Taekwondo values while having fun and safe. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How are you different from other martial art schools?

We pride ourselves in providing more than physical activity for more than 28 years. Therefore we distinguish ourselves as an academy before a business. We stick to our traditional roots and select our students based upon their interest level, learning ability, and behavior. With our experience, you’ll learn Martial Arts curriculum, culture, and self-cultivation by our instructors, trained by Grand Master Kim Ph.D.

How do I know you’re the right school for me?

We recommend looking for several things when searching for the right Martial Arts School:

  1. Instructors: How qualified are they? How much experience and credibility do they have?
  2. Curriculum: Is it well established? Does it show educational value? Proper instruction at each level?
  3. Transparency: The school provides open communication in all aspects of the organization.
  4. Facility: Clean? Professional?
  5. Service: How well does the staff treat its Martial Arts family?
  6. Governing Body: Is the school part of a worldwide organization? Does it attempt to stay on top of its industry?
  7. History: How much experience and culture does the school have?

I’m not in the best physical condition, and I have a past injury that prohibits me from certain activities. Can I still join?

Safety is heavily integrated into our classes as our instructors build relationships with each and every student. They are heavily trained to communicate with you and understand your limits as well as how we can improve them.

What’s your price?

The price is dependent on which program the student signs up for.  Each program is designed for each level of commitment the students wish to engage in.

How is Taekwondo different from Karate?

Taekwondo originates from Korea, while Karate is originated from Japan. While there are similarities, the core difference in Taekwondo is more usage of the core body and kicking techniques. You can find out more information about the Martial Art here.

What is the youngest or oldest student you will accept?

We offer Little Dragons and Ninjas programs for 3 to 4-year-olds who have the physical and cognitive ability for practicing Martial Arts. Our adult class has no limits of age just as long as the student can practice Martial Arts safely under our professional instruction.

Do you teach sparring? What about weapons?

One must learn how to walk before running. We teach Olympic-style sparring to students who reach a certain level which usually takes about 6 months of training. As for weapons, Black Belts are required to learn the bow staff and sword.

Is it safe to have in person classes during the pandemic?

Health and safety are always our top priorities at YB World Taekwondo!
Watch the video to learn more about our covid-safe guidelines.