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Our Family Would Love To Meet Your Family

Family Classes

“A Family that kicks together sticks together.”

Families are the backbone of YB World Taekwondo Academy.  Since we opened in 1992, we have seen multiple generations of families through their Taekwondo journey from Beginners to Black Belts.  We love to show our appreciation for our loyal families with several events, parties, and specials throughout the year.

Building a strong community is what we strive for here at YB World, and we encourage all people, parents or students, to join our wonderful family classes! Today’s busy schedules make it difficult for families to spend enough quality time together. This class offers fun and engaging activities for the whole family to enjoy. The family class is especially beneficial to new students, since children will be much more willing to practice with parents at home if they see that their parents are interested as well. It is also a helpful environment for parents to actually participate in a class and experience the structure and the guidance of the instructors.

YB World Taekwondo High Ridge
YB World Taekwondo Hope Street

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Don’t hesitate to call. We want to meet you and hear your goals.

YB World TKD Academy of Stamford will positively change you and your child. Are you ready to take the next step towards a more healthier, confident, dedicated life?