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“Teens require structure and guidance so that they may become happy and healthy adults”

Growing up is a difficult process.  Today’s teens are often put in extremely stressful situations at school and at home.  The process of graduating high school and moving on to college can be overwhelming.  Aside from traditional instruction, YB World Teens classes focus on developing relationships with students and mentoring.  Students often stay after class to talk with the instructors and share feelings with them that they wouldn’t normally share with their parents or teachers.

Students that qualify may be selected to participate in our Leadership Program.  This program is designed to transform students into assistant instructors.  The Leadership program can have a profound impact on a child’s behavior in the future when interacting with groups at school and work.  It can show them how to rally their peers to be more effective and set an example of polite and respectful conduct.

Ages 13+


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